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Sudbury Valley Model
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Big Rock Sudbury School
Terra Linda, Marin County, California. An environment of freedom and trust for students aged 5-19 to pursue their interests and passions.
Blue Mountain School
Cottage Grove, Oregon. A publicly funded private school (like a charter school) about 20 miles south of Eugene.
Brazos Valley Sudbury School
Brookshire, Texas. Information, calendar, and links related to the Brazos Valley Sudbury School located just west of the Houston metropolitan area.
Brooklyn Free School
An independent, democratic free school based on the Summerhill, Sudbury philosophies of self-directed learning and democratic process providing equal power to students and staff in making all the decisions in running the school.
Cedarwood Sudbury School
Santa Clara, California. Cedarwood Sudbury School is based on the well-established fact that you do not have to force people to learn. 'Human beings are naturally curious,' Aristotle pointed out. Yet curiosity-driven, purely voluntary learning is a revolutionary concept in schooling. It was pioneered by our model, Sudbury Valley School.
Clearwater School
A democratic school in Seattle, WA.
Diablo Valley School Home Page
Concord, California. Student-directed learning. At DVS, each Student is responsible for making decisions about how to use their time. Ages 5-19.
Fairfield School
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. A place where children are free to pursue their interests, dreams and passions. Includes information about philosophy, staff and admissions.
Fairhaven School
Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The possibilities for learning at Fairhaven School really are limitless. Anything can become a subject of investigation-- photography, model rocketry, bookkeeping, medieval history, tree climbing, Latin, or dance-- and learning can take place in any form-- hands-on experience, classes, and apprenticeships. Our goal is simply to provide a safe, stimulating environment where students can explore the world in all its complexity.
Greenwood Sudbury School
Hampton, Connecticut. At Greenwood Sudbury School, each student is empowered with a sense of self-determination, responsibility, and personal freedom. Young people, ages 5 through 19, and staff interact in a community atmosphere, teaching and learning from one another. Freedom of choice is at the heart of the school.
Hudson Valley Sudbury School
Woodstock, New York. Opening soon. Contains FAQ, Upcoming Events, and writings about Sudbury Education.
Indigo Sudbury Campus
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Self-initiated Learning in a Democratic Setting. Contains a wealth of information about the school and its philosophy.
Mountain Laurel Sudbury School
New Britain, Connecticut. Offers students 5-19 the freedom to explore their own interests on their own schedule. No required classes or curricula. Low tuition. Contains information on the school's philosophy, structure and current events.
Sacramento Valley School
Sacramento, California. SVS, a Sudbury school, practices age-mixing and student directed learning. There are no grades or mandatory classes. The school is governed by a democratic school meeting. Has a brochure, pictures, event information and a newsletter.
Sudbury Education Resource Network
SERN's mission is to support Sudbury model schools and to expand understanding of this model of education. Contains a list of schools and start-up groups, information and links about the model, back issues of SERN's journal 'Perspectives on Sudbury Education', What's New, a bulletin board, and maps showing Sudbury activity geographically.
Sudbury Maui
Haiku, Hawaii. A school where students decide for themselves how to spend their time learning naturally through their curiosity and desire to become independent. Information on admissions, staff, tuition, and how the school works.
The Beach School
Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A non-profit, independent school modeled after the Sudbury Valley School.
The Booroobin Sudbury School
Booroobin, Qld, Australia. An independent, democratic school for students 4 to 19 years of age. Contains articles, and in-depth information on the school.
The Chicago Sudbury School
At CSS, self-direction, personal responsibility, age mixing, unfettered learning, democratic decision making and community accountability prevail. Has articles, location and enrollment information, a calendar, and a FAQ.
The Circle School
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Central Pennsylvania's first democratic school run by the kids.

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