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Speed Reading
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Advanced Productivity Solutions
Produces a speed-reading course.
American Speed Reading Corporation
Will help double or triple your reading speed and comprehension.
ARC Speed Reading Plus
Speedreading classes and seminars for corporations and associations;speedreading courses for the public in Columbus, Ohio
Dudley Accelerated Learning Systems
Downloadable speed reading program.
Effective & Rapid Reading
Courses develop the efficiency required by managers and professionals to manage information effectively by increasing reading speed.
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Training Courses
South African training in speed reading, study skills, comprehension, concentration, recall and mind-mapping skills.
Free Speed Reading Course
A free, comprehensive web-based speed reading course.
Infinite Mind
EyeQ speed reading software can enhance comprehension and the ability to process information.
Phrase Reader
A combination of a finite state transducer over SGML elements with a grammar for the detection of the syntactic groups.
Power Reading.
A comprehensive course designed to improve reading speed, comprehension and retention, study skills, test taking, and technical reading ability.
Reading Genius
Speed reading course incorporating accelerated learning techniques, mindmapping, special brain wave tuned music.
Speed-reading, including a free trial.
Speed reading and memory training software for Windows.
Speed Read
Totally free. No classes or practice. Read hundreds of classic books, ewriting style, read faster with good comprehension and memory, increases speed 50 to 100 percent.
Speed Reading 4 Kids
A simplified method for kids to learn speed reading and improve comprehension.
Speedread America
Software available for speedreading
Increase your reading speed while surfing the internet.
The Reader's Edge
Increase you reading speed using time tested training exercises. For beginning and advanced speed readers.
Tina Konstant
The Ultimate Speed Reading Book by Tina Konstant can help you improve reading speed and comprehension in less than 20 minutes. Site also offers weekly tips and information.
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